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Welcome to Creative Cabinets, Melbourne’s most prestigious and awarded Cabinetmaker.

For 30 years our soul objective has been to push the boundaries in Designer Kitchens, Designer Furniture, quality custom built bathrooms, Architectural Joinery and Bespoke Cabinet making.

We strive to design and create all of our products with total customer satisfaction in mind and every piece of designer furniture or cabinetry we create has a core built on finish and quality. It is in our DNA.

The careful selection of materials, the cut and assembly and finishing are performed with the utmost care and worked with painstaking craftsmanship. This careful planning and attention to detail is obvious in the final result.

Our products are made with passion and our creativity comes more from the heart than the head. This philosophy produces products that are not only functional but also beautiful.

If you are in the need for quality furniture and cabinetry that will inspire and excite you, Martin Zanin and the team would be pleased to discuss your needs. Call on 9798 3006.